Lake Tyers

Lake Tyers, east of Lakes Entrance, is an exquisite estuary surrounded by beautiful bushland. Although often closed to Bass Strait, this magnificent lake is occasionally open for short periods when water levels in the system are high. It is a popular destination for tourists and anglers, especially during the warmer months. The lake and its extending arms are easily navigable by boats and kayaks, with ramps available at Mill Point, Nowa Nowa, Fishermans Landing, and the town Lake Tyers Beach. Visitors can obtain supplies and accommodation at Lake Tyers Beach and Nowa Nowa.

From the wide expanses of water near the mouth to the steep, sheltered arms that are heavily timbered, Lake Tyers offers a diverse range of fishing experiences. It has a well-deserved reputation for producing trophy bream, dusky flathead and a surprising population of large tailor. It is also home to whiting, luderick, salmon, prawns and silver trevally.

Furthermore, Lake Tyers is home to a network of artificial reefs that have been installed and maintained by Fisheries. These reefs consist of several smaller patch reefs, each made up of purpose-built modules of different shapes and sizes. These concrete reef modules have a rough surface and holes to enable water flow and provide refuge for marine life including fish sought by anglers.

Boat based

Tyers, or Lake Tyers as it is formally known, is a gem for boating enthusiasts. During summer, flathead are particularly active and tend to migrate into shallower areas, including off points and the lake’s fringes. Their sheer size means they are not deterred by shallow water. In cooler months, anglers should concentrate on fishing any drop-offs and ensure their lure or bait spends time near the bottom.

Bream, on the other hand, can be found year-round. In the warmer months, they hide around snags and rock ledges, while at other times, they like to hunt for food on the sand flats. During the spawning season, bream tend to congregate in large numbers in deeper stretches and holes, often upriver in the spring. Estuary perch are a little more nomadic and can be found in the upper arms of the system, often in proximity to snags or overhanging cover.

Lake Tyers has several artificial reefs, which provide an accessible spot to target a range of popular species. Three of these reefs are situated in the main lake, with one located off Mill Point in the Toorloo Arm. Fishing from the shore is also a viable option around the Main Lake, including the Glasshouse, the sandbank that usually separates the lake from the ocean, and the town jetty. The Nowa Nowa and Toorloo arms also offer ample opportunities for shore-based fishing, including Fisherman's Landing jetty, which is a family-friendly facility with ample parking and an platform. Soaking bait for abundant bream and flathead is a popular technique amongst shore-based anglers.

Shore based

While some sections of the lake are only accessible by boat, there are shore-based opportunities too. Unweighted prawns cast from the bank account for bream and soft plastics can be cast by anglers preparing to walk the shallows and keep moving. The surf next to town at Lake Tyers beach offers excellent fishing for salmon and sometimes tailor.