Kyneton Lakes

The Kyneton lakes comprise a chain of three lakes along the Coliban River. All three have undergone significant improvements in access, facilities and stocking, particularly of native species. Better access includes shore-based fishing, kayaking, and in some cases boats, provided they are propelled by an electric motor only. Click here for full details on water access.

The Upper Coliban Reservoir is the top lake in the chain, sometimes referred to as the Coliban Pools, which include Lauriston and Malmsbury reservoirs. Constructed in 1903 as a domestic water storage, the reservoir now boasts a gravel boat ramp and access point at Premier Mine Road. Surrounded by scenic farmland, the reservoir is fed by the Coliban River, an idyllic little trout stream containing small brown trout. The river has accessible water below Trentham Falls, with good access to the creek at the Springhill Road bridge. Upper Coliban Reservoir contains brown and rainbow trout, some golden perch, plenty of redfin, and is set to become another premier Murray cod fishery with recent stockings by the Victorian Fisheries Authority (VFA). As the highest of the three Coliban storages, it is usually the first drawn down in periods of high-water demand. Bank fishing access is good with barbecue facilities available.

Follow the links for more information on Kyneton Springhill Rd Ramp and Premier Mine Rd Ramp.

Next downstream is Lauriston Reservoir, which is a deep, clear-water domestic storage. Surrounded mostly by farmland, Lauriston contains trout, golden perch and of course, redfin. In 2019, the VFA released almost 30,000 Murray cod and 25,000 golden perch fingerlings into the reservoir, setting it up for a bright future for native fishing. Free picnic and barbecue areas are available, in addition to sheltered seating, a playground and toilet facilities. It is accessible via Lauriston Reservoir Road via Kyneton. The main recreation area at the lake is picturesque with a residence surrounded by gardens and extensive lawn areas.

Malmsbury Reservoir is the lowest of the three and also the shallowest, providing for large flats that are more conducive to weed bed establishment. Weed beds often boost productivity, especially in a rising lake and particularly for stocked trout which forage in close at low light. In 2019, the VFA released 30,000 golden perch fingerlings into Malmsbury Reservoir. Free picnic and barbecue areas are available, in addition to sheltered seating. One of the earliest water conservation schemes constructed in 1865, the reservoir is now a domestic water supply surrounded by picturesque forest and farmland. Bank fishing is permitted, and the reservoir fishes particularly well when the water is rising over newly grassed shallow margins.