Snowy River

With its sense of romance and adventure, it’s no surprise that the Snowy stands as a bucket list item for anglers across the state. Originating from the slopes of Mount Kosciuszko, its waters flow through kilometres of boulder-strewn ravines and tall eucalypt forest before emptying into Bass Strait at Marlo.

Bass can be found from the dam wall at Jindabyne through to the Princes Highway bridge at Orbost, although their range often extends into the lower reaches of the river during spawning. A stretch of shallow water between Orbost and Wood Point presents a bottleneck for bass movement, making it necessary to venture upstream for the best chance of a fish.

Bass fishing in the Snowy is highly rewarding, however does pose a few challenges. There’s plenty of good fishing to go around, but in general the further you go from townships and access points, the better the bite. These spots are best reached by 4x4 in dry weather, although with track conditions changing frequently and closures common, it’s essential to stay informed.

Given the terrain, most bass fishing in the Snowy is done by foot or kayak and small rafts. Some anglers mount expeditions to remote sections, but this is a serious undertaking reserved only for the well-prepared and experienced.

Australian bass in the Snowy have endured habitat alteration and low natural recruitment at times, which is why the Victorian Fisheries Authority has stocked it with 465,000 bass since 2016 (as at March 2023).

Some of the better river access points are: