Mitchell River

Originating in the High Country and terminating in Jones Bay at Lake King, the Mitchell River stands as the largest river in southeast Australia unimpeded by a dam. It boasts healthy bass numbers from Bairnsdale through to Wonnangatta Station, with flourishing populations found throughout its tributaries, including the Wonnangatta, Dargo and Wentworth rivers.

In its lower reaches, the Mitchell River meanders through farmland and provides fantastic shore-based and kayak-based fishing. Venturing further upstream requires an adventurous spirit, good planning, and a 4x4 vehicle, but is worth the effort for the fishing it offers. This type of trip does require caution as you’ll be venturing into dense forests, steep slopes and treacherous paths within the Mitchell River National Park.

Access points upstream of Glenaladale Weir are limited to the Mitchell River walking track, which is an extremely rugged path requiring careful navigation to reach the water. The Mitchell River camping area on Mitchell River Road, as well as small sections along Dargo Road towards Waterford, are the best access points to this wild and beautiful waterway.