Blue Rock Lake

Located on the Tanjil River near the township of Willow Grove, Blue Rock Lake has become one of Victoria's foremost Australian bass fisheries. Complete with beautiful eucalypt forest banks and views of rolling hills, Blue Rock has developed a reputation as one of Gippsland’s most attractive spots.

Recently increased stocking of bass in the lake means fish of all sizes are plentiful. The lake’s incredible water quality and abundant habitat will support a strong bass fishery right for decades to come.

For the best spots to fish, shore-based anglers and families can visit Spillway Road or the dam wall at Old Tanjil Road for excellent access to large grassy banks. Boaters are also in for a treat, with two well-maintained boat ramps each equipped with floating pontoons for easy launching at any lake level.

The lake’s inlet, the Tanjil arm, offers variety. Stay downstream for open waters and grassy banks or travel upstream and fish the waters surrounded by vegetation and dead stands of timber.

The clear waters of Blue Rock Lake are particularly suited to a lure casting. Soft cicada imitations are effective along shadow lines and in low light, while soft plastics, diving lures and jigs of around 75mm are productive too.

During the colder months, bass tend to school in deeper water between the dam wall and the river arm. That’s when a quality sounder can go a long way, and you’ll be most effective with vibes, jigs, small chatter baits and spoons.

Bait fishers will do well in Blue Rock fishing shrimp, worms and small yabbies on a running sinker rig from the shore or a boat.

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