Spider crabs including giant spider crab

Common nameSpider crab and giant spider crab
Scientific nameFamily Majidae
Bag limit (outside of restricted areas):A combined total of 15 spider crabs of one or more species (effective from 1 February, 2021)
Restricted areas:

You can't collect crabs in waters less than 2m deep (the intertidal zone) in Port Phillip Bay. Click here for more information on Port Phillip Bay's intertidal zone.

You can't collect crabs in Marine National Parks and Sanctuaries. Click here for more information on Marine National Parks and Sanctuaries.

Additional information

The bag limit is the maximum number of crabs you can take and possess in, on or next to any Victorian waters on any one day. (i.e. you can’t take 15 crabs, take them back to the car, and come back and collect another 15 on same day)

Collecting for other people contributes to your bag limit.

Only use legal fishing gear. Open top lift nets and opera house nets cannot be used to catch crabs. Click here for a summary of the fishing gear that can legally be used in Victoria, and how to use it.

Outside of restricted areas the only methods you can use to collect crabs in marine waters are:

  • by hand
  • by spear (but not within 30 m of piers or jetties)
  • by using up to 2 bait traps
  • by using up to 2 hoop nets (Note: The closed season for hoop nets is from 15 September to 15 November every year. During this time, hoops nets can only be used in Port Phillip Bay, Western Port Bay, the Gippsland Lakes and any other inlet)

Unwanted catch must be immediately returned to the water with the least possible injury or damage. Put unused bait into a rubbish bin. Discarding bait (into the water or on land) is littering, penalties apply.