Financial Report

Report concerning how amounts paid into the Recreational Fishing Licence Trust Account were disbursed in 2011/12 financial year

Receipts 2011/12



Total receipts from RFL sales300,411 RFL's sold (as at 9 July 2012) including: 30,784 three-year licences, 144,169 one-year licences, 31,228 28-day licences and 94,230 two-day licences.



Interest - investments


Fisheries Act 1995, S. 151B(4) enables money standing to the credit of the Account to be invested in any manner in which funds may be invested under the Trustee Act 1958.

Refunds: RFGP projects


Project #A&F/08/09/06, 'Construct two fishing platforms and access pathways at Werribee River', $126,157.50; Project #SG/09/10/54, 'Family Fishing Day', $16.45; Project #SG/09/10/57, '2011 Whitehorse Spring Festival', $5.64; Project #SG/73, 'VRFish attendance at MDBA Native Fish Strategy Forum', $162.05; Project #A&F/08/09/04 'Un-met needs analysis', $12,500.45; Project #SG/09/10/10, 'Catch a Carp Day' $5,000; Project #SG/77, 'Ron Nelson Junior Memorial Fishing Clinic' $166.36; Project #SG/09/10/65, 'Family Fishing Day', $438.82; Project #SG/09/10/68, 'Come and Try Fly Fishing Casting', $317.61; Project # SH&I/09/10/08 'Fish habitat improvement at Cobungra River', $2,485.94; Project #COM/09/10/02 'Drought recovery fish stocking program' $15,952; Project #SG/90 'Family Fishing Day' $168.87; Project #SG/81 'Produce & distribute a brochure promoting recreational fishing opportunities within the Indigo Shire region' $23.09; Project #SG/09/10/38 'Evaluation of the extent of the pipi stock in the Cape Liptrap Coastal Park' $414.55; Fisheries Enforcement & Education Branch $10,966.91; The Victorian Fisheries Authority's fish stocking program $5,267.50.

Total receipts for the year



Disbursements 2011/12



Recreational Fishing Grants Program and other projects


Payments to 100 projects - see Note 2.

Fisheries Enforcement & Education Branch


Includes unspent funding of $10,966.91 that was returned to the RFL Trust Account.




Community Information
Recreational Fishing Grants Program/Recreational Fishing Licence disbursement reporting related advertising & publicity.



Recreational Fishing Licence (RFL) 6% sales commissionsApplicable to sales commissions incurred during 2010/11, paid in 2011/12 financial year.



Costs and expenses incurred in the administration of RFLs
Salaries and on-costs.



Business, corporate & other levies (common domain access levy, OH&S levy, training & development levy, centre leader levy, CBD accommodation and workstation charge, computer internal lease costs).



Professional services other (Recreational Fishing Grants Program supplementary governance audit; Vic. Auditor-General Office audit of 2010/11 RFL Trust Account; Audit of RFL administration processes) and contract services.



Agency labour hire



Postal expenses, printing, stationery, courier, telephones, banking charges, office equipment and software maintenance, minor incidentals.



Recreational Fishing Grants Working GroupSitting fees, sustenance, accommodation, airfares, vehicle hire, venue hire and personal expenses.



GST paid



Total disbursements for the year



Net cash inflow/(outflow)



Cash as at 1 July 2011



Cash as at 30 June 2012



Provision to fund previously approved Recreational Fishing Grant Program projects extending into 2012/13 and beyond as applicable and other items totalling $4,329,961.94 - see Note 3. Cash balance includes $2,500,000 which has been invested – see Note 4.

Amounts are net of applicable GST

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