High country fish habitat enhancement

Several major tributaries of Lake Eildon scored upgraded fish habitat as part of the Recreational Fishing Grants Program.

Funded by fishing licence fees, the Goulburn Broken CMA led a $72,500 project to create habitat in four rivers flowing through Victoria's north east.

Works were completed in late 2019.

The Upper Goulburn, Jamieson, Howqua and Delatite rivers shared in 312 boulders (50 more than anticipated) and 8 large log jams.

The boulders will scour deeper sections, creating river variability and providing refuge areas mid-stream in one of Victoria's most popular trout fishing areas.

The upper Goulburn River at Kevington received 101 boulders.

The Jamieson River had 64 boulders installed along a 500-metre stretch of river.

The Delatite River had 66 boulders and 8 log jams placed across three sites.

And the Howqua River received 81 boulders.

Follow up inspections by GBCMA staff have revealed trout and platypus using the log jams in the Delatite and landholders have reported animals and fishers alike utilising the new in-stream habitat to their advantage.

The project was supported by the Mansfield & District Flyfishers Club and the Australian Trout Foundation Inc.

Members of both groups attended the boulder installations in the Howqua and assisted with revegetation works along river banks that will provide shade and food for fish in the years ahead.