Realigning snags at Rochester

The North Central Catchment Management Authority has made access to the Campaspe River at Rochester a lot easier, thanks to your fishing licence fees.

The NCCMA landed a grant worth more than $15,000 to clear fallen trees across the Campaspe at Rochy.

By realigning fallen trees along the river, they’ve created a safe passage on the water while also creating snags for cod and yellas to hide away in along the banks.

Utilising a boat, logs were either cut or dragged to the bank with chains and a 14-tonne excavator on the bank, which drove piles into the river bed.

That means the logs are secure, reducing their risk of obstructing the river again in the next period of high flow.

The trees had blocked access between the boat ramp on Ramsay Street and a new all-abilities canoe launching and fishing platform approximately 1.5km upstream.

Rochester and District Angling Club secretary Bruce Kneebone said the upgrade had been welcomed by locals and is already being put to good use.

“I live close to the river and have seen people fishing from boats in sections of the river that were previously inaccessible and canoeists also enjoying this extra open water,” he said.

The NCCMA’s work was supported by the Rochester & District Angling Club, the Rochester River Reserve and Rochester Recreation Reserve committees, Midland & North Central Angling Association and the Mid-Northern Angling Association.