Murray Cod Million Lake Eildon

One million extra Murray cod were stocked into Lake Eildon between 2010 and 2013.

The $800,000 project, funded entirely by recreational fishing licence fees, commenced in December 2010 with the first batch of 333,333 fingerlings.

The millionth Murray cod was stocked in January 2013.

These million cod are in addition to the 50,000 cod fingerlings that Lake Eildon normally receives each year. For current stocking data you can search our stocking database.

Stocking summary

SummerMillion Murray cod projectNormal allocationTotal
Sub-total 1,000,000 150,000 1,150,000


Photograph of a fisherman with a Murray Cod

To determine how these large stockings of juvenile cod survived and contributed to the fishery, the stockings were accompanied by a monitoring program that involved anglers and researchers.

All of the  Murray cod fingerlings were marked with a harmless food dye called calcein to differentiate them from wild cod that may be have bred naturally in the lake.