Salmonid Fish Releases 2019

The Victorian Fisheries Authority's native and salmonid (trout and salmon) fish stocking program is designed to enhance recreational fishing opportunities for anglers. Annual stocking plans are developed using information provided at five regional consultation meetings (known as Vic Fish Stock) with anglers. The VFA recognises the importance of stakeholder participation in this process. These meetings recognises the inputs from fishing representatives, resource managers such as the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, Catchment Management Authorities, Water Authorities and VFA staff to develop and refine the current year's stocking plan.

The development of the annual stocking program takes into account the performance of various fisheries, the existing stocking program, results of stock assessment(s), angler and creel surveys, prevailing environmental conditions, impacts of land and water management regimes and other issues that may impact the fishery. Requests by stakeholders to vary current stocking programs are also considered. The 2019 salmonid stocking component of the program released 1,001,342 salmonids into Victorian waters including 412,502 rainbow trout, 536,390 brown trout, 50,000 Chinook salmon and 2,450 cheetah trout.

2019 Salmonid Stockings

Total stocked

Brown Trout412,502
Rainbow Trout536,390
Chinook Salmon50,000
Cheetah Trout2,450

By numbers

Brown TroutRainbow TroutChinook SalmonCheetah TroutTotal
Fry up to 20gm191,875104,67050,0000346,545
Yearlings - 20g to 150g219,441336,91802,450558,809
Advanced Yearling 150gm+091,7910091,791
Ex Brood Stock 1kg+1,1863,011004,197

Total weight stocked (kg)

Brown TroutRainbow TroutChinook SalmonCheetah TroutTotal
Fry up to 20gm2,91220424403,359
Yearlings - 20g to 150g7,60712,876032720,809
Advanced Yearling 150gm+018,5500018,550
Ex Brood Stock 1kg+4,52611,1790015,705

Stocking details

WaterMonthAverage weight (g)Brown TroutRainbow TroutChinook SalmonCheetah Trout
Albert Park Lake (Albert Park)September2,500 10  
Aringa Reservoir (Port Fairy)July211,750   
 July40 2,000  
Banimboola Lake (Dartmouth)August253,000   
 August40 3,000  
Barkers Creek Reservoir (Harcourt)August554,710   
Beaufort Lake (Beaufort)July241,000   
 July35 1,500  
Bellfield Reservoir (Halls Gap)May24 10,000  
 May24 10,000  
Blue Rock Lake (Willow Grove)May1510,000   
 May21 10,000  
Bolac Lake (Lake Bolac)August38 8,000  
Bostock Reservoir (Ballan)August242,500   
 August38 7,000  
Boyds Waters (Geelong)October3,000 6  
Buffalo Lake (Dandongadale)May155,000   
Bullarto Reservoir (Bullarto)August24500   
 August38 1,000  
Bullen Merri Lake (Camperdown)August335,000   
 August38 2,000  
 October47 6,000  
 November2 50,000  
 November3  30,000 
Burrumbeet Lake (Burrumbeet)October58 5,000  
 October48 5,300  
Cairn Curran Reservoir (Maldon)May1615,000   
Cartcarrong Lake (Warrnambool)July21750   
 July40 1,000  
 October47 1,000  
Cosgrave Reservoir (Creswick)July181,000   
 July35 1,000  
Dean Reservoir (Dean)July28500   
 July45 1,000  
Deep Lake (Derrinallum)October471,000   
 October66 1,000  
Devilbend Reservoir (Moorooduc)May155,000   
 May26 10,000  
Eildon Lake (Eildon)May169,375   
 June25 10,000  
 July35 5,000  
 August38 5,000  
 August38 6,000  
 August38 6,000  
 October47 8,000  
 October280 215  
 December2 32,550  
 December3 22,120  
Eildon Pondage Weir (Eildon)January4,00075   
 January4,000 75  
 January4,000 150  
 January4,000 50  
 April4,000 200  
 August2,000 66  
 August2,000 35  
 October3,000 61  
 October3,000 30  
 November3,000 100  
 December2,000 100  
Elingamite Lake (Cobden)July282,000   
 July35 1,500  
Ferntree Gully Quarry (Ferntree Gully)June1,00010   
 June1,000 10  
Fyans Lake (Halls Gap)August2810,000   
 August38 1,000  
 October47 5,300  
 October48 3,700  
 October3,000 50  
Gillear Lake (Alansford)July211,000   
 July41 1,500  
Glenmaggie Lake (Glenmaggie)July35 9,000  
Goldfields Reservoir (Maryborough)July282,000   
Goulburn River (Eildon to Molesworth)April1210,000   
 September4,000 90  
 September4,000 90  
 September4,000 800  
 September4,000 860  
 September4,000 160  
Goulburn River (Seymour to Nagambie)October270 400  
Green Hill Lake (Ararat)July242,000   
 July35 4,000  
Hamilton Lake (Hamilton)August242,000   
 August38 4,000  
Hepburn Lagoon (Newlyn)October502,500   
 October64 5,000  
Holland Creek (Tatong)June151,000   
Hopkins River (Mortlake)July265,000   
Hume Lake (Tallangatta)July2410,000   
Konong Wootong Reservoir (Coleraine)August362,000   
 August38 3,000  
Lauriston Reservoir (Lauriston)May1515,000   
Macalister River (Downstream of Glenmaggie Lake)July242,000   
Macalister River (Upstream of Glenmaggie Lake to Licola)July35 5,000  
Malmsbury Reservoir (Malmsbury)August364,000   
Marysville Lake (Marysville)July200 300  
Merri River (Warrnambool)July267,000   
Moorabool Reservoir (Bolwarrah)May1510,000   
 May25 8,000  
Mount Beauty Pondage (Mount Beauty)April200 1,500  
 October64 3,000  
Mount Emu Creek (Skipton)June153,000   
Moyne River (Killarney)October422,000   
Narracan Lake (Moe)July242,500   
 July35 2,500  
Newlyn Reservoir (Newlyn)July2110,000   
Purrumbete Lake (Camperdown)July204,000   
 July130   1,600
 August38 5,000  
 October64 5,000  
 October140   850
 November8  20,000 
Pykes Creek Reservoir (Ballan)May155,000   
 May22 3,000  
Rocklands Reservoir (Balmoral)July212,000   
 July35 5,000  
Ryans Creek (Swanpool)June15500   
Spavin Lake (Sunbury)September2,500 8  
St Georges Lake (Creswick)July181,000   
 July35 1,000  
Talbot Reservoir (Evansford)July282,000   
 July45 2,000  
Teddington Bottom Reservoir (Stuart Mill)October662,000   
 October47 2,000  
Tooliorook Lake (Lismore)June155,000   
 October47 5,000  
Toolondo Reservoir (Toolondo)August2910,000   
 September55 6,000  
 October48 4,000  
Tullaroop Reservoir (Carisbrook)May1615,000   
 May25 10,000  
 May1,000 50  
 October58 7,293  
 October48 1,125  
 November55 3,000  
 November55 3,000  
 December76 5,000  
Upper Coliban Reservoir (Kyneton)August283,571   
 August38 3,500  
 August44 8,000  
 August3,000 3  
 October55 1,782  
 October48 1,718  
Upper Sandy Creek Dam (Sandy Creek)May151,000   
Upper Stoney Creek Reservoir (Durdidwarrah)May155,000   
 May25 10,000  
 May25 10,000  
Wallace Lake (Edenhope)July212,000   
 July40 4,000  
 October200 1,000  
 October2,000 4  
Wartook Lake (Halls Gap)June157,000   
 June25 10,000  
Wendouree Lake (Ballarat)July212,500   
 July35 7,000  
 September240 1,000  
 September300 534  
 October25 3,000  
 December50 1,200  
West Barwon Dam (Forrest)July305,000   
 July35 5,000  
William Hovell Lake (Cheshunt South)May125,000   
 May26 5,000  
Wombat Reservoir (Daylesford)July181,000   
 July35 1,000  
Wurdiboluc Reservoir (Winchelsea)July185,000   
 July35 6,000  
 October47 2,000  
 October47 4,000  
 October47 4,000  
Yarrambat Lake (Yarrambat)November2,000 3  

Family Fishing Lakes

The Victorian Fisheries Authority stocks ready to catch yearling rainbow trout into small waters (normally less than 5 hectares surface area) in or adjacent to population centres. The waters are accessible to juniors and anglers with limited mobility.

The majority of these stockings coincide with the second and third term school holidays when water temperatures are cooler and better suited to trout. Rainbow trout are stocked as they are normally bigger than the available brown trout at that time of year. Rainbow trout are also reputedly easier to catch by inexperienced anglers.

Some Family Fishing Lakes are stocked outside of the school holiday period for special events.

2019 Family Fishing Lakes stocked

WaterMonthStockedAverage weight (g)
Albert Park Lake (Albert Park)May200200
Alexandra Lake (Ararat)June300200
Allans Flat Dredge Hole (Allans Flat)June750200
Arboretum Dam (Euroa)June300200
Bannockburn Lagoon (Bannockburn)June300200
Bartlett Lake (Tatura)June150200
Berwick Springs Estate Lake (Berwick)June750200
Boyds Waters (Geelong)October200200
Calembeen Lake (Creswick)June200200
Casey Fields Lake (Cranbourne)June750200
Cato Lake (Stawell)June300200
Caulfield Racecourse Lake (Caulfield)June300200
Cobden Lake (Cobden)June300200
Coleraine Lagoon (Coleraine)June300200
Crusoe Reservoir (Bendigo)July450200
Darlingsford Lake (Melton)June500200
Don Lake (Healesville)June400200
Dunkeld Arboretum (Dunkeld)June200200
Eildon Pondage Weir (Eildon)April300200
Emerald Lake (Emerald)June500200
Esmond Lake (Ballarat)June250200
Ess Lagoon (Casterton)June500200
Felltimber Creek Wetlands (Wodonga)June800200
Ferntree Gully Quarry (Ferntree Gully)June350200
Foletti Caravan Park Lake (Donald)June350200
Forest Lake (Kangaroo Flat)July200200
Garfield Lake (Garfield)June250200
Glenlyon Dam (Glenlyon)June200200
Glenrowan Recreation Reserve Lake (Glenrowan)July300200
Goldfields Reservoir (St Arnaud)June200200
Great Western Racing Recreation Reserve Lake (Great Western)September200180
Guthridge Lake (Sale)June250200
Haddon Reservoir (Haddon)June200200
Hanging Rock Lake (Woodend)June300200
Heyfield Racecourse Lake (Heyfield)June300200
Hyland Lake (Churchill)June800200
Jack Emmett Lagoon (Rupanyup)September350160
Jubilee Lake (Daylesford)June200200
Jubilee Lake (Skipton)June200200
Karkarook Lake (Moorabbin)April2,000180
Kennington Reservoir (Strathdale)July500200
Les Stone Park Lake (Wodonga)September300160
Lethbridge Lake (Lethbridge)June300200
Lilliput Lane Reserve Lake (Pakenham)June100200
Lilydale Lake (Lilydale)June1,000200
Lismore Golf Club Lake (Lismore)June200200
Marma Lake (Murtoa)July450200
Marysville Lake (Marysville)April450450
Merriwa Park Lake (Wangaratta)June200200
Minyip Wetlands (Minyip)September200160
Mooroopna Recreation Reserve Lake (Mooroopna)June150200
Navan Park Lake (Melton)May200200
Neanger Lake (Eaglehawk)July300200
Nhill Lake (Nhill)September200180
Numurkah Lake (Numurkah)June200200
Nursery Reservoir (Macedon)June500200
Old Hamilton Reservoir (Hamilton)June200200
Pakenham Lake (Pakenham)June750200
Pertobe Lake (Warrnambool)June450200
Police Paddock Dams (Horsham)June450200
Quarry Street Reserve Lake (Trentham)June200200
Rokewood Reservoir (Rokewood)August200200
Rowville Lakes Hutton and Hill lakes (Rowville)July400200
Roxburgh Park Lakes (Roxburgh)June400200
Saint Augustines Water Hole (Geelong)June750200
Sambell Lake (Beechworth)June450200
Simpson Recreation Reserve Lakes (Simpson)June300200
Spavin Lake (Sunbury)September600160
Stanley Ditch Dam (Stanley)June500200
Sumsion Gardens Lake (Wodonga)June500200
Tchum Lake (Birchip)June1,000200
Tea Tree Lake (Mortlake)June300200
The Gong (Buninyong)June200200
Tom Thumb Lake (Eaglehawk)July200200
Tronoh Dredge Hole (Harrietville)June400200
Upper Sandy Creek Dam (Sandy Creek)June750200
Victoria Lake (Shepparton)June1,050200
Victoria Lakes (Ballarat)June500200
Walter J Smith Reserve (Riddells Creek)June200200
Yarrambat Lake (Yarrambat)June500200