Native Fish Releases 2011

Note Number: FN0612
Published: June 2011

This Agnote provides information on the 2011 native fish stockings in Victoria.

Victorian Fish Stocking Program

The department's native fish stocking program is designed to enhance recreational fishing opportunities for anglers.

Stocking Plans are developed by Fisheries Victoria as part of an annual regional consultation process (Vic Fish Stock) with participation from recreational fishing representatives, water and Catchment Management Authorities and other relevant stakeholders. Stocking plans take into account the performance of previous stocking programs, the results of stock assessment surveys, creel surveys or angler diary programs. Other factors are also taken into account including; environmental conditions, water levels, flood, drought, algal blooms, 'blackwater' events, fish deaths or man-made impacts such as major works on storages. Stocking Plans are subject to 'last minute' variation due to natural factors

A record number of more than 2 million native fish were stocked throughout Victoria in 2010/11. This includes more than 1.1 million golden perch, 800,000 Murray cod, 100,000 Australian bass and a small number of Trout cod and Macquarie perch. This fish stocking program was significantly boosted by two recreational fishing licence grants projects including: 1 million Murray cod in to Lake Eildon and Drought Recovery stocking. In addition, Government initiatives were used to expand fish stocking and assist with the recovery of bushfire affected regions.

2010/2011 Native Stockings - total numbers

 Murray cod Golden perch Trout cod Silver perch Australian bass Macquarie perch
Fry (0.5 to 5gs) 670,1701,124,6006,00036,000102,2708,300
Drought Recovery Fry (0.5 to 5gs) 171,0005,000    
Yearlings (150 to 250gs) 300     
Total: 841,470 1,129,600 6,000 36,000 102,270 8,300

Total number of native fish stocked= 2,123,640

2010/2011 Native Stockings – by waters

Water Stocked Month 2010/
Fish size (gs) Murray cod Golden perch Trout cod Australian Bass Silver perch Macquarie perch
Allans Flat Dredge Hole
(Allans Flat)
Mar1.2 5,000    
Amaroo Lake
(Part of Kialla Lakes at Shepparton)
Apr1.1 500    
Anderson Lake
Mar1.2 1,000    
Avoca River
(Charlton to Nattie Yallock)
Apr1.3 18,000    
Avon River
(Stratford to Valencia Creek)
Dec1.0   15,000  
Bartlett Lake
Mar0.9 1,000    
Bealiba Reservoir
Apr1.3 2,000    
Blue Rock Lake
(Willow Grove)
Dec1.0   15,000  
Broken Creek
(Dip Bridge to Nathalia)
Mar0.9 20,000    
Broken River
(Casey & Gowangardie Weirs)
Mar0.9 20,000    
Buffalo Lake
Mar1.2 10,000    
Cairn Curran Reservoir
 Feb1.0 20,000    
Calembeen Lake
Mar1.2 600    
Campaspe River
(Rochester & Elmore to Axdale)
Mar0.9 40,000    
Charlegrark Lake
Charm Lake
(Lake Charm)
 Feb1.0 5,000    
Craigmuir Lake
Apr1.1 1,000    
Crusoe Reservoir
Mar0.9 3,000    
Cullulleraine Lake
 Feb1.0 10,000    
Eildon Lake
 Jan1.0 38,000    
 Feb1.0 162,000    
Eldorado Dredge Hole
Mar1.2 500    
Eppalock Lake
 Jan1.0 50,000    
 Feb1.0 20,000    
Expedition Pass Reservoir (Farraday)Feb2.5     3,000
Glenmaggie Lake (Glenmaggie)Dec1.0   22,270  
Goldfields ReservoirMar1.2 2,000    
*Goulburn RiverMar0.9 20,000    
*(Below Shepparton)        
(Between Yea and Seymour)June2.017,590     
(Between Yea and Seymour)June1.717,610     
Green LakeMar1.2 5,000    
(Sea Lake)        
Greens LakeFeb1.0 20,000    
Harrietville Dredge HoleMar1.2 500    
Hume LakeJan1.0 147,000    
(Tallangatta)Mar0.9 3,000    
Inglewood ReservoirApr1.3 1,000    
(Inglewood)Apr1.2    1,000 
Kangaroo LakeDec1.020,000     
(Lake Charm)Feb1.0 20,000    
Kerford LakeJan1.4  3,000   
Kialla LakesApr1.1 1,500    
Kiewa RiverApr2.71,970     
(Below Kiewa)        
King LakeMar1.2 1,000    
Kow SwampFeb1.0 30,000    
Laanecoorie ReservoirFeb1.0 10,000    
Lascelles LakeApr1.3 5,000    
(Hopetoun)Apr1.2    5,000 
Little Boort LakeApr1.1 5,000    
Little Murray River        
Loddon RiverDec1.520,000     
(Kerang to Newbridge)Feb1.0 50,000    
Lowanna LakeApr1.1 500    
Macalister RiverDec1.0   4,000  
(D/s of L. Glenmaggie)        
Mitchell RiverDec1.0   15,000  
(Waterford to Iguana Creek)        
Mitta Mitta RiverJan1.010,000     
(Pig Point)        
Nagambie LakesDec1.150,000     
(Nagambie)Feb1.0 200,000    
Narracan LakeDec1.0   20,000  
Nillahcootie LakeJan1.010,000     
(Barjarg)Mar0.9 20,000    
Ovens River        
(Rocky Point)Mar1.6     1,325
(Whorouly Bridge)Mar1.6     1,325
Pyramid CreekMar0.9 10,000    
(D/s of Kow Swamp)        
Reedy Lake (First)Feb1.0 5,000    
Richardson RiverMar1.2 10,000    
(Rich Avon)        
Sambell LakeJan1.4  3,000   
(Beechworth)Mar1.2 5,000    
Serpentine CreekApr1.1 5,000    
(Durham Ox)        
Seven CreeksMar1.2 5,000    
Serviceton North ReservoirApr1.3 5,000    
(Serviceton North)        
Stanley Ditch DamMar1.2 1,000    
Sumsion Gardens LakeMar1.2 500    
Taylor LakeDec1.020,000     
(Horsham)Jan1.0 40,000    
 Jan1.0    30,000 
Tchum LakeMar1.2 5,000    
Thompson RiverDec1.0   11,000  
(Cowwarr Weir)        
Tungamah Weir PoolMar1.2 2,000    
Victoria LakeMar1.2 10,000    
Victoria LakeApr1.1 5,000    
Watchem LakeMar1.2 5,000    
William Hovell LakeMar1.6     2,650
(Cheshunt South)        
Wimmera RiverApr1.3 35,000    
(Dimboola to Elmhurst)        
Wooroonook LakeMar1.2 5,000    
Yarriambiack Creek        
(Beulah)Apr1.3 660    
(Brim)Apr1.3 660    
(Warracknabeal)Apr1.3 680    
Totals:   670,4701,124,6006,000102,27036,0008,300

Drought Recovery Waters

Water Stocked Month 2011 Fish size (gs) Murray cod Golden perch
Anderson LakeMay1.7500 
Avoca RiverMay1.710,000 
(Charlton to NattiYallock)    
Boga LakeMay1.715,000 
(Lake Boga)    
Cairn Curran ReservoirMay2.320,000 
Charlegrark LakeMay2.23,500 
Cooper LakeMay1.710,000 
Eppalock LakeMay2.330,000 
Gunbower CreekMay1.720,000 
(Cohuna to Gunbower)    
Little Murray RiverMay1.710,000 
Loch GarryApr1.1 5,000
Meran Lake (Big)May1.720,000 
Moodemere lakeMay1.71,000 
Pyramid CreekMay1.710,000 
Taylors lakeMay2.213,000 
Victoria LakeMay1.72,000 
Walkers LakeMay2.86,000 
(Rich Avon)    
Totals:   171,000 5,000


Fish Size Range (gs) Murray cod (kg) Golden perch (kg) Trout cod (kg) Silver perch (kg) Australian bass (kg) Macquarie perch (kg)
Fry (0.5gs to 5gs) 775.31,148.708.4037.2043.7015.90
Yearlings (150 to 250gs) 54     
Drought Recovery Fry (05 to 5gs) 376.75    


Kilometers Travelled Total Man Days
Kilometers Travelled Drought Recovery Total Man Days




0.5 to 5gs



150 to 250gs


*Calceined Marked


This Agnote was developed by Ewan McLean, Fisheries Victoria – Fisheries Management. June 2011.