The unique waterways of the Sunset Country offer premier fishing for some of our most prized lowland species. With a range of lake and river fishing options available, including boat-based, kayak-based, and shore-based fishing, there’s wide appeal for all skill levels! If you do wet a line in the Murray River, be aware it is NSW water so a NSW fishing licence is required unless exempt.

Golden perch

Golden perch, known as ‘yellas’, thrive in rivers and lakes throughout the Sunset Country. Better yet, the warmer waters of the region make an ideal habitat, offering the perfect opportunity for fishers to find healthy populations of this species. These conditions can see responsive goldens for a larger portion of the year compared to other areas of the state – meaning even more time for your next trip!


Redfin, or ‘reddies’, are a prime year-round species with no bag or size limit. Taken readily on bait and lures, it’s no surprise they’re a reliable favourite - not to mention their reputation as excellent eating! Even as fishing gets tough during droughts, you’ll find schools of reddies surrounding submerged trees or rocky points in Sunset Country lakes.

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Murray cod

The Sunset Country is synonymous with Murray cod. The area’s lakes and rivers are bucket list items for keen freshwater anglers targeting cod, including its namesake river, the mighty Murray. Still, with healthy natural recruitment and good variation in fish size, Murray cod fishing is a sport for everyone - beginners and veterans alike.