Lake Wendouree and Tullaroop

Lake Wendouree 

Lake Wendouree, nestled in the heart of Ballarat, is surrounded by lush botanical gardens and Victoria Park. This stunning lake is a true gem in the region's crown.

With its unique character and amenities, Lake Wendouree is a hub of activity, featuring a rowing course, charming boat sheds, a running track, and BBQ facilities that make it an outdoor paradise. Though it's a small man-made lake, its shallow waters are home to an abundant fishery that draws fishers from far and wide.

Lake Wendouree provides the perfect environment for thriving reed and weed beds that offer a wealth of food sources for its inhabitants. With both VFA stocked brown and rainbow trout, as well as naturally occurring redfin, this fishery boasts fast growth rates and a year-round fishery that's hard to beat.

Fishers can enjoy the lake's beauty in a variety of ways, whether it's casting from the shore, launching kayaks, or cruising in small boats. For shore-based fishers, the walkways and pontoons provide an excellent vantage point to cast and locate active fish, while kayak anglers have the perfect opportunity to explore every nook and cranny of the lake. Boat-based fishers can also access the lake with ease, thanks to several ramps, although a 5-knot restriction is in place.

For those seeking to reel in a catch, trolling or casting lures and flies around the rowing lanes is a popular and effective method. Mudeyes are deadly when presented under floats and shallow running lures are best suited to skate about the weed beds.

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Tullaroop Reservoir 

Nestled in the Maryborough region, Tullaroop Reservoir is a clear and deep body of water that dams the Tullaroop Creek, a Loddon River tributary. In the past, this popular fishing spot was only accessible to shore-based fishers. However, in 2019 the waterway opened to kayaks, canoes, and boats powered by electric motors. This welcome change has provided fishers with access to a vast area of the lake that was previously unattainable from shore alone.

With complementary stockings of trout and golden perch, Tullaroop Reservoir has become a mixed fishery, with enormous potential. Although the stocked golden perch fishery is still maturing, the trout and redfin fishing is already top-notch. After years of sustained stockings, brown trout up to 10 pounds can be found in this reservoir.

Upgraded facilities cater to fishers who come to enjoy the lake's anticipated popularity. While shore-based fishers can still catch fish by concentrating on casting lures around weed beds, points, windblown bays, rock walls, and the dam wall, boat and kayak-based fishers will have much more opportunity. Trolling lures is an effective and popular way to target trout in Tullaroop during the cooler months.

Gudgeon is a common food item in Tullaroop and fishers should use lures that match this profile in the 75-100mm size range. Alternatively, fish with gudgeon suspended under a float. Learn more about boat and kayak access by clicking here.

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