The Burnanga Trail boasts an array of water bodies that offer a variety of fishing opportunities, beckoning avid anglers to cast their lines for a chance to reel in some of the most sought-after lowland species. This captivating region offers an abundance of options ranging from vast lakes to meandering rivers, catering to anglers of all abilities. The Trail also offers excellent access for small craft, kayaks or those that enjoy the peacefulness of the shore.

Golden perch

How'd you like to hook onto a 65cm yella? With some of the best golden perch fishing around, this isn’t an uncommon experience at Lake Hume! With its grass covered banks, rocky outcrops, and abundant vertical and fallen timber, there’s plenty of structure for targeting active golden perch schools. Find a bank with both rock and timber and it’s almost a certainty that you’ll intersect some fish.

The Mitta and Bowna arm are known for their productivity, with the Bowna boasting the locally known “Yellowbelly Bank”, a famed rocky shoreline upstream of Bells Bay. Huon Reserve, the rock wall at Picnic Point, and the spillway under the wall offer great opportunities for shore-based fishing. The Murray River below the dam wall is another fantastic spot, known by the locals for its abundance of large trout that turn up as bycatch when fishing for golden perch. Golden perch are most active in September and will bite well through to the autumn months given an adequate lake water level.

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Redfin can be found all over Lake Hume, with mid 40cm catches common. The Mitta arm near Tallangatta, Ludlows, and the Bowna Arm are some of the best options for reliable catches. Bait fishing, lure fishing, and trolling are all great methods for locating schools of reddies around Lake Hume.

Redfin can be caught all year round, although are most active from November through April.

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Murray Cod

Murray cod catches are on the increase with a steady increase in stocking since 2014. The Huon area, the Mitta arm and the Murray arm around Talgarno have been the best producers of Murray cod, although good cod fishing can be found throughout the lake.

To identify the best spots, look for timber structure off clay banks, and rocky points where cod will be attracted. Concentrate along the shoreline, and no deeper than 10 metres. The cod within Lake Hume are relatively young, with less trophy sized fish compared to other fisheries. Time will make the difference, with Lake Hume primed to become a must-visit location for those big meteries!

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