Lake Glenmaggie

Situated on the Macalister River, Lake Glenmaggie is a hidden gem just 5 kilometres from the charming rural town of Heyfield. Stocking efforts have resulted in a range of year classes in this impressive fishery, with ample opportunity to reel in bass of up to 50cm.

Surrounded by a mix of rolling farmland and forested hills, the lake offers excellent facilities for visitors, including nearby camping and caravan parks, good access to the mostly sand, gravel and rock shoreline, and boat ramps on the eastern and northern shores.

The large stands of dead timber and laydown snags offer excellent bass habitat for anglers to target with small spinnerbaits, diving crankbaits and surface lures proving effective.

Although wind action can cause water discolouration, it doesn’t appear to be a barrier to bass finding your lure. Bait fishers can find success using shrimp, worms and small yabbies on a running sinker rig from the shore, while boat-based fishers can fish vertically in deeper areas near standing dead trees.

The Macalister River arm is also accessible by boat and can provide great bass fishing opportunities.

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