A guide to responsible fishing and boating in Port Phillip Heads

Port Phillip Heads 

Know the marine park boundaries

There are several ways to find out whether you're in a Marine Park boundary - check out the handy tips below!

Install the free Vic Fishing App on your smartphone 

Install the free app

available on the app storeavailable on google play

Use the 'Can I Fish Here?' Function

This function uses the smartphone's internal GPS to work out where you are in relation to the marine national park and sanctuary boundaries. 

Check it regularly. 

It uses a traffic light colour system:

Green—means you are not in a marine national park or sanctuary.

Orange—means you are getting close to the boundary of a marine national park or sanctuary and you should look out for boundary markers.

Red—means you are within a marine national park or sanctuary. You must STOP fishing or collecting and move out of the park or sanctuary.

Traffic light colour system

If you don't have a smart phone, use these landmarks to help determine whether or not you're in a marine park area:

Eastern Boundary

Northern Boundary