European green shore crab

European green shore crab

Common name/s:European green shore crab, green shore crab, green crab
Scientific name:Carcinus maenas
Minimum legal size:No minimum
Bag/possession limit:no limit

Live European green shore crabs MUST NOT be used as bait in or on any Victorian waters. Unless released immediately upon capture, live European green shore crabs must not be released into or next to any Victorian waters. Click here to learn more about the European green shore crab.

Collection methods for crabs:

- By hand; or

- Spear (see Using Equipment in Marine Waters ); or

- Not more than 2 hoop nets. From 15 September to 15 November each year, hoop nets must not be used, set or immersed in any marine water other than Port Phillip Bay, Western Port, the Gippsland Lakes and in any inlet; or

- Not more than 2 bait traps (see Using Equipment in Marine Waters ).

No species of crab can be taken from the intertidal zone of Port Phillip Bay.