Hazelwood barramundi frequently asked questions

Updated: 15 Aug 2017

When was the fishery opened?

The Hazelwood barramundi fishery opened on 9 December 2016.

Do I need a recreational fishing licence to fish in Hazelwood Pondage?

Yes. Fishers must hold a valid Victorian Recreational Fishing Licence (RFL) to fish Hazelwood Pondage, unless they meet RFL exemption criteria (e.g. under 18 years, over 70 years, see all exemption categories in Victorian Recreational Fishing Guide or App).

Where can I fish from the shore around Hazelwood Pondage?

Yes, but restrictions apply (refer to map [Image - 379.8 KB]). You can fish from shore only at the:

  • Hazelwood Pondage Caravan Park
  • Boat ramp adjacent to the junction of Cemetery and Yinnar roads and shoreline running northeast along the Power Boat and Jet Ski boat squadron area.

Shore fishing is not permitted in any other area. Please observe signs which define the prohibited areas. Fishers caught in prohibited areas may be prosecuted and have their fishing equipment confiscated (Fisheries Act 1995).

Can I fish from a boat in Hazelwood Pondage?

Yes, and a permit from the Victorian Fisheries Authority is no longer required.

Where is the boat launching and parking facility at Hazelwood Pondage?

There is one small twin lane public boat ramp and car park near the junction of Cemetery and Yinnar Roads.

This boat ramp has been marked to provide boating access. When this boat ramp is full, cars and trailers may be parked nearby.

Why can't I fish from the eastern shoreline of the Hazelwood Pondage?

The eastern shore of the Hazelwood Pondage is privately owned and out of bounds to the general public. The channel that runs along the eastern shore has high flows of hot water and unstable ground which is a major hazard to recreational fishers.

Can I fish from a boat anywhere on Hazelwood Pondage?

No, there are a number of prohibited areas where boats cannot go on Hazelwood Pondage (refer to map [Image - 379.8 KB]).

  • on the northern end
  • the eastern side
  • southern edge of the Pondage
  • in waters immediately adjacent to the caravan park.

The northern and the eastern side of the Pondage have high flows of very hot water which is produced by the power plant's turbine. This water is hazardous to fishers. The shore adjacent to these areas is also completely out of bounds to all fishers.

Fishers caught in this area may be prosecuted and have their fishing equipment confiscated (Fisheries Act 1995).

What barramundi bag, possession and size limits apply at Hazelwood Pondage?

The bag limit (in, on or next to within 100m) is 1 barramundi per person per day.

The possession limit (in, on or next to within 100m) is 1 barramundi per person per day.

These bag and possession limits are designed to ensure the barramundi resource is maintained and shared and provides opportunity to take a fish home for the table or preserve a fish for mounting.

There is no size limit for barramundi. Most barramundi were stocked at a large size (30 cm +) and should exceed 50 cm in length.

What bag and possession limits apply to fish other than barramundi at Hazelwood Pondage?

There is zero bag limit in place for other fish at Hazelwood Pondage.

Can I use live fish for bait in or on Hazelwood Pondage?

No, the use of live fish for bait is prohibited  in or on Hazelwood Pondage. Live cichlids and tilapia must never be used as bait.

Dead cichlids and tilapia may be used as bait.

How may rods and hooks can I use when fishing at Hazelwood Pondage?

Hazelwood Pondage is now a classified as Inland Water.

Inland Water permitted equipment rules apply.

You can only use 2 lines per person and 2 hooks per line or one bait jig (refer Victorian Recreational Fishing Guide or App for more detail).

Are barramundi taken from Hazelwood Pondage safe to eat?

Hazelwood barramundi are safe to eat in moderation.

New food and safety guidelines released on 3 April 2017 recommend:

  • Adults eat no more than 1 serve per week
    (1 serve = 150g of  barramundi which is roughly two frozen crumbed fish portions).
  • Children eat no more than 1 serve / fortnight
    (1 serve = 75g of barramundi which is roughly one frozen crumbed fish portion).

These recommendations are based on the outcomes of an independent human health risk assessment and recent advice from the Environment Protection Authority. For more information go to:

Consumption advice for recreational fishers – Hazelwood pondage information bulletin

Are other fish taken from Hazelwood Pondage safe to eat?

We do not have sufficient data about the health risks associated with eating the flesh of other fish caught from Hazelwood Pondage (including eels, carp, tilapia, bass and cichlids).

If you catch any noxious species (e.g. carp, tilapia and cichlids) then you must humanely dispatch them and dispose of them appropriately.

If you catch any species not listed as noxious (e.g. eels, galaxids, gudgeons etc.), then you must return them to the water immediately.