Better Fishing Facilities Grants Program

A key component of Target One Million is the Better Fishing Facilities grants program, which funds projects that deliver clear benefits to recreational fishers and contribute to boosting participation.

The Better Fishing Facilities grants program operates in addition to the Recreational Fishing Grants Program that re-invests fishing licence fees into worthwhile projects.

What is a favourable project?

Favourable consideration will be given to projects that:

  • Improve access to marine, estuarine and inland waters for boat based fishers by:
    • Installing new or upgrading existing boat launching facilities for recreational fishers
    • Installing new and upgrading existing jetties and pontoons to assist launching and retrieval of recreational fishing vessels
  • Improve access to marine, estuarine and inland waters for land based fishers by:
    • Re-opening or upgrading tracks and roads to popular land based fishing locations
    • Building new or upgrading existing piers and jetties
    • Installing pedestrian stiles over fences.
  • Improve infrastructure and facilities at popular fishing locations including:
    • Provision of lighting
    • Provision of seating and shelters
    •  Install fish cleaning tables/facilities
    •  Install educational and informative signage.
  • Develop new  or expand existing recreational fishing reefs to benefit recreational fishing species.
  • Deploy Fish Aggregating Devices (FADS) for popular recreational species.
  • Restore and enhance riparian and aquatic habitat for recreational fishing species.

Funding will not be considered for projects that:

  • Do not provide a clear benefit for recreational fishers.
  • Provision of access and/or facilities for select groups only (other than those with special needs) that are not open and freely accessible to the fishing public.
  • Any 'dredging' works related to boat launching facilities.
  • Reduce or restrict other access opportunities in surrounding area as a consequence of the works.

Apply for a Better Fishing Facilities grant

  1. Read the Better Fishing Facilities guidelines and conditions (WORD - 1.4 MB)
  2. Apply by completing the Better Fishing Facilities application form (WORD - 454.4 KB) and email to
    or print and post to: Project Leader, Better Fishing Facilities, The Victorian Fisheries Authority, PO Box 4440, Melbourne, VIC, 3000

For further information