Specialist School newsletter draft text

The Victorian Government is investing $1.5 million from the Recreational Fishing Licence Trust Fund to provide up to 95,000 Little Angler Kits to primary school aged children in Victoria.

The free kits provide a wonderful school holiday activity for children with their families and help ease the cost of living, providing a fun activity close to home.

All primary aged students at specialist schools, including ours, will be offered the opportunity to receive a FREE Little Angler Kit, irrespective of their age.

The program is entirely voluntary. Schools were provided with the option to opt out of the program. Our school has opted to stay in the program so that parents can decide whether they want their child(ren) to receive a free fishing kit. Parents can advise the school if they do not wish their child(ren) to participate for any reason whatsoever. We support parents in making decisions that align with their family values and beliefs.

The kits include fishing hooks and lead sinkers. Fishing hooks can cause injury, and lead fishing sinkers can be toxic if swallowed. Young children and those with some disabilities including pica disorder are especially vulnerable. Immediate medical attention should be sought if your child ingests a fishing hook or the lead sinker.

Fishing kits should be stored securely at home in a place where your child(ren) cannot access it, and children should be supervised by an adult when using the kit and when spending time around water.  See the Victorian Fishing Authority’s Little Angler Kits FAQs for parents for more information.

The roll out of kits will be completed by February 2024, beginning 30 October, 2023.

The kits include a rod, reel with line, tackle tray, some tackle and information on how to use them to catch a fish. Please note that the tackle tray includes fishing hooks and lead sinkers. The tackle tray will be wrapped in cardboard and placed inside a pocket inside the fishing kit bag, which will be sealed with a cable tie to discourage students from opening their kits until they are with a parent or carer.

Kits will be distributed [school to insert whatever method suits the school].

The Little Angler hub on the Victorian Fisheries Authority website, has safety information, instructional videos and online resources about where and how to fish.

This initiative aims to grow recreational fishing participation in Victoria by actively encouraging primary school aged children to learn how to fish, as well as learning more about marine life and the natural environment.