Little Angler Kits

We want more kids to catch a new hobby - fishing - because it’s a healthy and active pastime that gets them into the great outdoors, experiencing nature with friends and family.

To make that happen the State Government committed $1.5m from the Recreational Fishing Licence Trust Fund to offer 60,000 Little Angler Kits to grade five primary school students across all of Victoria. The Government  boosted that commitment, and 95,000 Little Angler Kits were provided to students across the State.

All primary aged students in specialist schools were offered a Little Angler Kit, irrespective of their age.

The kits included a fishing rod, reel with line, tackle box with some hooks, lead sinkers, swivels and a lure, as well as a Kids Guide to Fishing – all FREE!

We also created a kid-friendly web hub with lots of useful information and instructional videos with advice on how and where to use the kits.

Visit our FAQs page for parents or schools for more information regarding the Little Angler Kit program:

Eating your catch safely

One of the joys of fishing is being able to bring home some fish for your meal. If you intend to eat your catch, there are some important tips to follow to help you remain healthy when enjoying your bounty - visit our food safety page for more.

If you would like any additional information or to talk to someone about the Little Angler Kit program, email