Shipwreck protected zones

Protected zones are declared for 9 fragile and highly significant historic shipwrecks.

It is an offence to enter, anchor, fish, trawl or dive in a protected zone without a permit. People found within a protected zone without a permit can be issued with on-the-spot fines of over $295 and multiple fines can be issued if more than one offence is detected. If prosecuted, people may be issued with fines of more than $7000.

The protected zones are (WGS 84):

Shipwreck nameProtected zone radiusCoordinates

HMVS Cerebus

0.5 h rectangle

-37. 967382; 145. 007876

SS City of Launceston

500m radium-38. 076829; 144. 826321


100m radium-38. 202570; 144. 723253


100m radius-38. 207960; 144. 730102

Will O' The Wisp 

50m radius-38. 241498; 144. 701159

William Salthouse

250m radius-38. 272943; 144. 705493

SS Alert

500m radius-38. 486944; 144. 750556

PS Clonmel

50m radius-38. 744000; 146. 677800

SS Glenelg 

500m radius-38. 552400; 147. 2074000

Other shipwrecks

All shipwrecks 75 years and older are declared historic under State and Commonwealth legislation. Historic shipwrecks are fragile structures that often have weakened and vulnerable hull remains due to their long submersion underwater.

Anglers are allowed to fish near historic shipwreck sites that aren't in protected zones. However, anglers should be careful about placement of their anchors (and also weighted shot lines) because it is illegal to interfere with, damage or destroy historic shipwrecks and their relics and severe penalties apply.

Shipwreck protected zones map