Abalone Disease

Abalone Viral Ganglioneuritis (AVG) is a viral disease which affects the nervous system of abalone and results in the foot curling up, swelling of the mouth, leading to weakness and death of abalone. There are no effects on human health.

There is a current AVG disease outbreak in the Portland area.

Please avoid diving, hoop netting, fishing with a weighted line and anchoring your boat in the area shaded in red below

Click here or in the above map to enlarge. This map includes a 5km buffer from a positive test site.

There has been no virus detected on any Victorian abalone farm. To protect the farms an Aquaculture protection zone is in place within 500m around the Yumbah facility. No fishing, boating, or diving, is permitted in this area as shown in the map below.

Across Victoria, you cannot:

  • Use abalone, including gut as bait
  • Dispose of abalone shell or gut back into the ocean. You must use your rubbish bin for disposal.

If you find an abalone that you think is sick, anywhere in Victoria, please call the 24-hour Emergency Animal Disease Watch Hotline on 1800 675 888.

To see what a sick abalone looks like, view the below video.

To find out how you can help stop the spread, click the link below: