Abalone Disease at Cape Nelson

Abalone Viral Ganglioneuritis (AVG), also known as abalone disease, is a viral disease which affects the nervous system of abalone and results in curling of the foot, swelling of the mouth, leading to weakness and death of abalone.

AVG has no known effects on human health.

Update, 4 May 2021

A Control Area has been declared following the detection of AVG near Cape Nelson. The Victorian Fisheries Authority is working closely with Agriculture Victoria to respond to this detection.

The Control Area spans along the coastline from Bridgewater Bay in the west to past Narrawong in the east and is varied offshore to 30m ocean depth. This includes Portland.

In the Control Area, you cannot fish from shore or boat, use commercial fishing or abalone equipment, use hoop nets, bait traps, hauling nets and abalone levers for recreational fishing.

All abalone, rock lobsters, sea urchins and other aquatic invertebrates cannot be collected, whether live or dead.

Boats, vessels and fishing equipment cannot be anchored in the Control Area, however a vessel can move through the area provided it does not stop. A permit must be obtained to move any abalone out of the Control Area.

For more information on the control area and the fishing activities now prohibitied, visit Agriculture Victoria's website.

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