Years 7 - 10 programs

Indoor programs

All classroom sessions include a session in the Marine and Freshwater Discovery Centre Aquarium.

Sink or swim: Structure and Function of Marine Plants and Animals

Students become marine biologists and look at the unique structures that some marine animals possess and discover the purpose of these structures.

Laboratory 1.5 hours $12 per student $160 minimum charge

Sex in the sea

Pregnant males with seahorse tails! Students discover some of the simple and complex reproductive strategies in the sea.

Laboratory 1.5 hours$12 per student $160 minimum charge

Heads, tails, fins and scales: Fish Dissection

A variety of fish will be used and comparisons made of the body structures, gut contents, internal organs and specialised structures.

Laboratory 1.5 hours $17 per student $255 minimum charge

Understanding Climate Change Impacts on Fisheries

The world's climate is changing at an unprecedented rate. The impacts of these changes on world fisheries are presenting significant risks and new opportunities, particularly in "hot spot" areas across the globe. The south-eastern coast of Australia, including Victoria's coastline, is one of these "hot spots", and provides an ideal case study for later years students who are investigating climate change issues. Join us for a hands-on session that will include an investigation of live plankton, use of an interactive model and a number of other fun and challenging small group activities.

Climate Change Fishing Change

Laboratory 1.5 hours $12 per student $160 minimum charge

Outdoor programs

All field programs include a session in the marine and Freshwater Discovery Centre (before or after your field activity)

Marine biology cruise

Have you ever wondered what lives at the bottom of Port Phillip? Students will examine creatures from a sample taken from the bottom of Port Phillip and observe their amazing structures that help them survive in the sea. The cruise also visits an Australian Fur Seal haul out site and Australasian Gannet colony in Port Phillip.

Boat 2.5 hours Maximum number: 27 including teachers $700 flat rate

Rocky shore diversity

Students explore the wonderful diversity of a rocky shore platform and discover the fantastic adaptations these animals have.

Point Lonsdale or Barwon Heads 2 hours $12 per student $220 minimum charge

Mudflat meander

Discover the secrets that lurk in and on the mudflat of the internationally significant Swan Bay. Students will sample various micro-habitats to become familiar with the inhabitants and the importance of this special place.

Swan Bay 2 hours $12 per student $220 minimum charge

Shore snorkel

During the snorkel, students will be able to closely observe a variety of marine animals and plants in their natural habitats and appreciate the beauty of Victoria's marine diversity.

Queenscliff 2.5 hours  
Student: Instructor ratio 1:10 Maximum number: 20 $300 up to 10 students $600 up to 20 students

Swan Bay canoe explorers (not run in Term 3)

Learn the basics of canoeing while discovering some of the wonders of Swan Bay. This activity involves using canoes to access one of this region's most important fish nurseries and an internationally significant wader bird habitat.

Swan Bay 2.5 hours  
Student: Instructor ratio 1:8 Maximum number: 16 $300 up to 8 students $600 up to 16 students

Dynamic dunes: Sand dune investigation

Coastal environments are tough! To survive, plants must cope with salt, wind shifting sands and human impacts. While visiting a sand dune system, students will sample, observe  and record changes in vegetation and physical conditions.

Queenscliff sand dune 2 hours $12 per student $220 minimum charge