Who am I?

Collect images of different animals from a marine or freshwater environment. Learn the name of different animals in your school or your family's specific language. Play different games to demonstrate student’s knowledge of the animal’s names, e.g. hold up a picture card for students to name; ask students to choose the correct picture when you say the name of an animal; give students clues to help them discover the animal, e.g. I have fur, I have whiskers, I swim, I eat fish. Students should respond with the name of the animal in language.  Once familiar, you can call out the name of the animals and the students can act them out. Draw a picture of their favourite animal and write the name at the top.


Design a simple marine or freshwater crossword in your specific language.


Publish a newsletter about a visit to the beach, rockpools or freshwater environment in your language.

Body parts

Using images of different animals, produce charts labelling various animal body parts in your specific language e.g. a seal - head, whiskers, flippers, claws, eyes, nose, tail etc