Lets go fishing card - Snapper

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Top tips

Spring and autumn are the best times of the year. Try and fish around high tide, especially if this is in the evening. Fishing early in the morning can also be productive.

Snapper will feed actively and come into shallower water when it's windy and there is a chop on the water. This is a good time to fish from piers.

Soft plastics work very well on pinkies. Use ones that imitate a small fish.

Fish by the rules

fishing_family Illustration

It's important to know the rules that apply to fishing. These include bag limits and minimum size limits for different types of fish. A bag limit is how many fish you are allowed to keep in one day. A minimum size limit is how big a fish needs to be in order for you to keep it. There are also closed seasons for some types of fish.

What are they?

snapper illustration

Snapper are a marine species found along the entire Victorian coastline. They can grow quite large. The body is silver and crimson to dark red in colour with bright blue spots. Small snapper are commonly called pinkies.

Getting geared up

light spinning rod soft plastics
medium spinning rod soft plastic
baitholder hooks 7kg_line
hooks 7 kg line
sinkers swivels
sinkers swivels
landing net
landing net

Great baits

squid pipis.jpg
squid pipis
pilchards whitebait
pilchards whitebait

Select a spot

Small pinkie snapper can be caught at various times of the year from structures such as piers and breakwaters. They will enter estuaries during the warmer months.

Hot spots


Western Port

Port Phillip Bay

Corio Bay

Port Albert