Lets go fishing card - Golden Perch

The card is also available for downloading: Lets go fishing card - Golden Perch (PDF - 1.5 MB)

Top tips

Spring is the best time to fish for them, especially in October. Early morning and evening are the best times of the day.

Good spots to try are on the bends in a river where the water is deeper and flowing more slowly. Cast your bait in close to snags. Bibbed lures and spinnerbaits are worth trying.

Fish by the rules

fishing_family Illustration

It's important to know the rules that apply to fishing. These include bag limits and minimum size limits for different types of fish. A bag limit is how many fish you are allowed to keep in one day. A minimum size limit is how big a fish needs to be in order for you to keep it. There are also closed seasons for some types of fish.

What are they?

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Golden perch are a native freshwater fish found in the northern part of Victoria. They are commonly called yellowbelly. You can identify them by their yellowish body and dark green back. The head is quite small compared to the rest of
the body.

Getting geared up

light spinning rod5kg_line
light spinning rod5kg line
bibbed lureslanding net
bibbed lureslanding net

Great baits


Select a spot

Many of the rivers and lakes in the northern part of Victoria contain golden perch.

Hot spots


Lake Eildon

Lake Hume

Goulburn River (lower)

Loddon River

Campaspe River

Broken Creek

Lake Eppalock