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Friday 2 October

Port Phillip Heads revealed!

To finish up the week and school holidays, sit back and enjoy our magnificent marine environment with an amazing video from our awesome aquarist Allie.

‘Despite the visibility not being excellent, the critters and colour of the reefs made it hard to say goodbye. I have completed more than 1000 dives in this area, and it still holds an allure. The incredible shapes of the limestone reefs, rich plant and invertebrate life, and the unusual animals unique to southern Australia make this an incredible temperate diving location. This video was all shot on one day, at 3 different dive sites within a few kilometres of Port Phillip Heads.’   Allie

Please watch the video

List the names of the animals you saw in the video. Use the Port Philip Bay Toolkit to see more video of underwater habitats and the animals that are found there and to help you identify the animals you saw in Allie's video.

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