Lets go fishing card - Murray Cod

The card is also available for downloading: Lets go fishing card - Murray Cod (PDF - 1.6 MB)

Top tips

There is a closed season for Murray cod between 1 September and 30 November inclusive. If you catch a Murray cod during this period you must return it to the water as quickly and carefully as possible.

The summer time is a good time to fish for them, especially in the evenings. Cast your bait in close to snags. Bibbed lures and spinnerbaits are very productive.

Fish by the rules

fishing_family Illustration

It's important to know the rules that apply to fishing. These include bag limits and minimum size limits for different types of fish. A bag limit is how many fish you are allowed to keep in one day. A minimum size limit is how big a fish needs to be in order for you to keep it. There are also closed seasons for some types of fish.

What are they?

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Murray cod are a native freshwater fish found throughout the northern half of Victoria. They are a very large species of fish that can grow to over 40 kg. You can identify them by their greenish colouring and creamy mottled markings.

Getting geared up

light spinning rodbibbed lures
medium spinning rodbibbed lures
spinnerbaitlanding net
spinnerbaitslanding net
7kg line

Great baits

scrubwormsbardi grubs

Select a spot

Many of the rivers and lakes in the northern part of Victoria contain Murray cod.

Hot spots

hotspot murray cod

Goulburn River (lower)

Kiewa River (lower)

Ovens River (lower)

Lake Eildon

Lake Hume

Broken Creek

Loddon River

Campaspe River