Lets go fishing card - Redfin

The card is also available for downloading: Lets go fishing card - Redfin (PDF - 1.4 MB)

Top tips

Redfin capture small fish for food so lures are very effective. They are very active on warm days, especially when a change of weather is approaching. Late autumn and winter is often when the really big ones get caught.

When using a lure allow it to sink down towards the bottom before beginning to wind in. Wind in slowly and twitch the rod every now and then to make the lure look more enticing.

Fish by the rules

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It's important to know the rules that apply to fishing. These include bag limits and minimum size limits for different types of fish. A bag limit is how many fish you are allowed to keep in one day. A minimum size limit is how big a fish needs to be in order for you to keep it. There are also closed seasons for some types of fish.

What are they?

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Redfin were originally introduced to Australia from Europe in the 1860s. They live in freshwater and are found in most lakes and rivers in Victoria.
You can easily identify them by their bright red lower fins and tail.

Getting geared up

light spinning rod3 kg line
light spinning rod3kg line
baitholder hooksinkers
landing net
landing net

Great baits


Select a spot

Most inland waterways have redfin in them including small creeks and dams. They are also found in many of the Family Fishing Lakes.

Hot spots


Lake Eildon

Rocklands Reservoir

Waranga Basin

Lake Hume

Lake Purrumbete

Loddon River

Lake Eppalock