Foundation - 2 programs

Indoor programs

Choose one option from the indoor programs below.  All programs include time in our aquarium and classroom.  Please let our bookings officer know if you have a special requirements or emphasis as our staff can incorporate it into the program.

Session duration - 1.5 hours.  Cost - $10 per student/$160 minimum charge

Aquarium session (part of all programs) includes:

  • meeting live animals typically found in Victorian waters (marine and freshwater)
  • visit to the touch tank to learn about, look at and touch some organisms common along the Victorian coast

Where should I live?

Dive in!

Students will identify and compare organisms from a marine (rockpool) habitat and a freshwater (river) habitat and discuss the common features of these organisms and allocate them to the habitat which best meets their survival needs.

Students will discuss and be involved in activities that focus on features of organisms represented in our classroom.  Choose this session if you have a special requirement or emphasis as our staff can incorporate it into the program.

Outdoor programs

Choose from the two outdoor programs below, they are tide dependent so we may not be able to book your preferred time and date.  All field programs include time in the Marine and Freshwater Discovery Centre aquarium.

Session duration - 1.5hours in the field plus 30-minute centre visit.  Cost - $11 per student/$220 minimum charge.

Rockpool ramble at Point Lonsdale

In with the tide - Beachcomb at Queenscliff

Students will be led by an education officer on a discovery of the chosen habitat. The session includes discussion of personal safety at the site, what lives here, identification of different organisms and their adaptations, human impacts and why this place is significant to the Wadawurrung people.