Victorian Pipi Fishery Management Plan

In September 2018, the Hon. Jaala Pulford, Minister for Agriculture, declared the Victorian Pipi Fishery Management Plan.

A draft plan was released for public comment, which closed on 13 July 2018.

Submissions can be reviewed at the completed consultation page.

This is the first plan for the fishery declared under the Fisheries Act 1995. It establishes a framework for a viable, profitable and sustainable pipi fishery in this State.

Download the Victorian Pipi Fishery Management Plan (PDF - 4.7 MB) .

The plan sets out the management arrangements and objectives, strategies and actions for the Victorian Pipi Fishery for at least the next five years. It was prepared in consultation with an independently-chaired, stakeholder-based steering committee comprised of representatives from Seafood Industry Victoria, VRFish and the Victorian Fisheries Authority. Input was also received from commercial licence holders, Traditional Owners, conservation representatives and other stakeholders.

In view of the wide range of stakeholders, the Plan is intended to be a blueprint for future actions to benefit all users of the resource. This is reinforced by the key management objectives which provide for long-term sustainability of the pipi fishery, equitable resource access and use, and cost-effective and participatory management.

Please contact Dr Sonia Talman, on or (03) 8392 6853 if you would like further information.