Victorian eel fishery management plan

In August 2017, the Hon. Jaala Pulford, Minister for Agriculture, declared the Victorian Eel Fishery Management Plan.

A draft plan was released for public comment, which closed on Sunday 11 June 2017. Submissions can be reviewed at the completed consultation page.

This is the third eel fishery management plan following those declared in 1995 and 2002. The purpose of this plan is to build on the progress made in the previous two plans and ensure the fishery remains viable, profitable and sustainable for all users of the resource.

Download the Victorian eel fishery management plan (WORD - 2.2 MB)

The plan sets out the management arrangements and objectives, strategies and actions for the Victorian Eel Fishery for at least the next five years. It was prepared in consultation with an independently-chaired steering committee comprised of representatives from the commercial and recreational fishing and indigenous sectors.

This management plan is a blueprint for future actions to benefit all users of the resource: Indigenous communities, recreational and commercial fishers, including those harvesting from restocked waters. This is reinforced by the key objectives of this plan which provide for:

  • Long term sustainability of eel resources:
    • Allow for sufficient adult eel escapement and recruitment thus stock sustainability
    • Ensure the harvest is kept within limits consistent with the long term sustainability of the fishery
    • Allow fishing for eels in a manner that has minimal ecological impact
    • Minimise biosecurity risks from imported product
  • Equitable resource access and use:
    • Maintain, and where possible improve, access to the fishery for recreational, commercial and indigenous interests, taking existing regulations and Legislation relating to access in inland and coastal waters into account.
    • Promote an efficient and effective eel culture sector
  • Cost effective and participatory management:
    • Ensure the management of the fishery and the provision of associated services are efficient, effective and responsive
    • Enable participation by fishers and other relevant stakeholders in fisheries management, taking account of the respective responsibilities of government and fishers.
  • Improving economic viability of the fishery:
    • Encourage a profitable and viable commercial eel fishery that can support industry growth.

Each one of these objectives has actions and performance indicators which can be measured to track progress.

Please contact Hui King Ho, on or 0407 987 003 if you require further information.