Interactive Stock Assessment Report

Welcome to the interactive stock assessment report for the Victorian Rock Lobster fishery. Downloadable versions of annual stock assessment reports remain available.

Interactive stock assessment reports are available for both the Eastern and Western zones. View them here:

Features and Instructions

Interactive stock assessment reports for each zone have three main views. To view fishery data, refer to the Annual and Monthly tabs, to see the outputs of the CPUE standardisation and the stock assessment model, view the Modelling tab:

  • Annual: Displays fishery information by fishing season (November - September), updated annually
  • Monthly: Displays fishery information on catch, effort, and total allowable commercial catch (TACC) by month and by quota period (July - June), updated monthly
  • Modelling: Displays outputs from the CPUE standardisation and assessment model for the most recently completed fishing season

Reports use interactive features for displaying information. Interactive plot features include dropdown selection boxes, detailed information display on mouse hover, selectable plotting lines, and click-and-drag zoom functions. These features are explained in more detail below:


Fishery information displayed on the main map shows annual commercial catch and effort data by zone and can be changed using the dropdown menu above the map (select catch, effort, or CPUE).

The area in view can be changed by:

  1. Hold-clicking the mouse and dragging
  2. Zooming in and out via the +/- buttons in top left.

Fishing zones are colour-coded according to the key in the lower right. In general, a darker shade represents a higher value. The zone name and exact value is displayed in the top right box.


The type of data displayed can be changed via dropdown menus above the plots (where applicable).

When the mouse is hovered over the plot, a number of grey icons will appear in the upper right corner. These icons will allow you to:

  1. Save the current plot as a picture (.png) file
  2. Zoom or pan
  3. Autoscale or reset the axes
  4. Change how data data is displayed on mouse hover.

When hovering the mouse over a specific point, line or bar, detailed information will "pop-up". You can change settings for this in the icon menu.

Zoom-in to view only specific years by hold-clicking the mouse and dragging a box over the data you want to focus on. Return to the full view by clicking "Autoscale" or "Reset axes" on icon menu.

Data display can also be turned on or off by clicking on the names in the legend (top right of the plot) e.g. in the Commercial catch history plot, clicking on the region name on right hand side will toggle the display of this region on or off.

Show/Hide Data

Many plots have a Show/Hide Data button below them. Clicking this button will open the data table behind each plot. Clicking the "Show/Hide Data" button again will hide the data table.


Tables can be sorted via any column header (alphabetically for text columns, numerically for number columns) by clicking on the column header.