Giant Crab

Photo of a giant crabGiant crabs (Pseudocarcinus gigas) are fished commercially in western Victoria. The fishery is a small quota managed fishery that is closely linked with the Rock Lobster Fishery. The majority of vessels are used primarily for rock lobster fishing with giant crab taken as by-product. However, a small number of fishers target giant crabs and processors who specialise in exporting giant crab have developed technologies to store and transport live crabs to international markets.

Fishery Overview

Details the Victorian Giant Crab Fishery, including species information, fishery location, fishing method, fishery management and fishery statistics

Process of Setting the Total Allowable Commercial Catch

Details the process and methods used for setting the annual TACC

Rock Lobster and Giant Crab Resource Assessment Group

Details the purpose, role and membership of the RLRAG.

Stock Assessment Reports

Includes annual Stock Assessment Reports.