Smoked trout onigiri

Thanks to Lillie Giang (The Food Affectionist) for this fun and crafty smoked Victorian trout onigiri recipe, featured at our FREE Lillydale Lake Vic Fish Kids, 2024.

This recipe makes 6 onigiri.



  • 2 cups cooked sushi rice
  • Victorian smoked trout
  • Kewpie mayonnaise
  • Avocado, diced
  • Nori seaweed, cut into thin strips
  • Carrot, peeled into thin strips
  • Black sesame seeds or rice seasoning

Dipping sauce

  • Soy sauce
  • Teriyaki sauce

Cooking and preparation:

  1. Cook rice according to the manufacturer's instructions. Cool rice slightly.
  2. Place 1/3 cup of cooked rice over the centre of a square of cling wrap. Gather the ends of the cling wrap and keep turning the rice in one direction to form a ball.
  3. Press an indent into the rice ball, adding a dollop of mayonnaise, piece of smoked Victorian trout, and a few diced pieces of avocado.
  4. Pull the cling wrap together tightly, and twist again to close the rice over the filling and form a ball.
  5. Remove the cling wrap and decorate the rice ball with seaweed strips, carrot strips and black sesame or rice seasoning.
  6. Serve with soy sauce/teriyaki sauce.

Add a good splash of quality olive oil over everything and finish with continental parsley, fresh coriander and wedges of lemons & limes. Enjoy!