Tertiary Programs

The Marine and Freshwater Discovery Centre offers specialised programs designed for undergraduate needs, focussing on temperate marine ecology, advances in marine sciences, systematics and effects and issues associated with human impact on marine ecosystems.

Our links with The Victorian Fisheries Authority (VFA) enable us to offer programs that can focus on global fisheries, fisheries management and aquaculture research. We are ideally situated next door to the VFA research facility at Queenscliff and can offer tours through the facility to interested groups.

Our expert education officers have extensive experience in design and delivery of programs to tertiary aged students. Programs offered have included:

  • Natural resource management field trips
  • Fisheries activities including fish dissections, boat cruises
  • Marine ecology and biology, with a specific focus on temperate marine environments
  • Outdoor recreation and eco-tourism activities
  • On-site facilities include fully equipped teaching laboratory and lecture facilities that can accommodate group sizes up to 50.

Please contact us for more information regarding our tertiary programs. We can design a program to suit your specific needs.