The Arts

Ocean Musicians

Using a variety of instruments make your own. What does the ocean sound like? What sort of sounds do different marine or freshwater animals make?

Produce a musical score using their voice, body percussion and simple instruments to represent a day on the beach. The musical score could be written down using symbols to represent different sounds. eg. waves crashing, birds singing, children playing, wind blowing, water trickling


Musical score

Wind (blowing air through mouth)

### ### ### ###

Seagulls (whistling)

××× ××××      ×  ××××

Water trickling (shake a jar of water)

****** ********* ******** ***


Use images from magazines, the internet or the habitat series posters found here.  What five essential things do animals need in order to survive (water, shelter / protection, oxygen, food and mates). Have a look the posters. Choose one of the animals from the rocky intertidal. Discuss whether all those five essentials can be found on the poster.  Students can then create/draw their own rock pool (or other chosen habitat) ensuring that they include all the five essentials.

Habitat Boxes

Materials needed: shoe boxes, scraps of wool, cardboard, recycled scraps, wrapping paper, etc…, plasticine or play dough.  Design and create an ideal habitat for an animal. Make your animal out of plasticine or play dough and put it in its habitat. Ensure that the five essentials are included in the animal’s habitat.

It was this big!

Using the Recreational Fishing Guide make life size models of fish.  Models of fish can be made from paper, playdough or other building materials

The Masters

Research paintings that used the sea or freshwater as their themes.  Imitate the style of some of the artworks with locations that you know.

The web

Make models, mobiles or a mural of organisms forming a food chain.  Depict the energy flow from the sun to phytoplankton, to zoo plankton etc.

The Intertidal

Make costumes to represent marine life of the intertidal zone.  Perform a ballet or play about life in the intertidal.