The Scallop Dive (Port Phillip Bay) Fishery

The Scallop Dive (Port Phillip Bay) Fishery was established in 2013 following the public auction of a single commercial fishery access licence.

The only species that can be harvested under the Scallop Dive (Port Phillip Bay) Fishery Access Licence are the commercial scallop and the doughboy scallop.

The fishery is managed using controls that include:

  • a 60 tonne per annum catch limit;
  • a single commercial access licence;
  • harvest by hand only;
  • six harvest zones;
  • a 90 millimetre legal minimum size; and
  • a prohibition on commercial fishing in certain areas of the bay.

The fishery is managed in accordance with the Fisheries Regulations 2009.

Annual reporting

The licence holder is required to submit to Fisheries Victoria no later than 31 May of each year an annual performance report outlining the performance of the fishery for the previous twelve months.

The annual report must include the following:

  • catch information (by zone and month);
  • effort information (by zone and month); and
  • information on data collection, analyses and assessments completed.

2016/17 annual report