Cost Recovery Reporting

Under the prospective cost recovery regime, a key mechanism to demonstrate transparency and accountability is the cost recovery reporting for each fishery. The reports look at the deliverables and milestones specified in the Cost Recovery Service Schedule for each fishery, and identifies where delivery of each service has or has not been achieved.

The reports also form a key document to engage with industry on service delivery throughout the year.

The Victorian Fisheries Authority reports twice yearly on the services provided under the cost recovery system. A mid-year report is produced which covers the period 1 April – 30 September, and an end of year report which includes the period 1 October – 31 March. A final year report is also produced in August and forms the basis for assessment of services. The final year report includes the full year of Compliance Services and any updates for those fisheries that have a 1 July renewal date.

With the help of the reports, the Fisheries Cost Recovery Standing Committee (FCRSC) reviews service delivery at the end of the year. Where under delivery of services is identified, reductions are calculated (as offsets for application in the following year).

2018-19 final report

Wildcatch final report

Aquaculture final report

If you require the full 2018-19 Mid-year Report, or a copy of previous reports, please telephone Megan Njoroge on (03) 8392 6850.