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Greater transparency, accountability and consultation are key features of the new cost recovery system. Accordingly, VFA held a number of regional forums in 2014 to discuss the nature and extent of Fishery Services provided to each fishery under the new cost recovery system. In 2015, a series of industry meetings are being held in August and September to discuss the services described in the fishery specific service schedules. The forums and industry meetings provide an opportunity for industry to have input into the new system and ask questions related to their fishery.

Seafood Industry Victoria (SIV), as a body representing industry, is working with the department to facilitate industry engagement at the meetings. VFA will continue working with SIV and the Fisheries Cost Recovery Standing Committee (FCRSC) to progress issues raised at the meetings.

The forum summary from 2014 can be viewed here. This is a summary of outcomes from all fishery specific cost recovery forums held across Victoria in July and August 2014. The department is working on actions identified from the forums. Some of these actions will be responded to quickly, while other actions will require substantial work. This site will be updated regularly on progress of actions from the forums. (PDF - 233.5 KB)

Further information on outcomes of the industry meetings being held in 2015 will be available here soon.

Aquaculture forum update Snobs Creek (PDF - 305.7 KB)

Aquaculture forum update Queenscliff (PDF - 297.3 KB)

Rock Lobster forum update Queenscliff (PDF - 319.7 KB)

Mixed Fisheries forum update Queenscliff (PDF - 394.9 KB)

Mixed Fisheries forum update Warrnambool (PDF - 298.8 KB)

Mixed Fisheries forum update Lakes Entrance (PDF - 319.5 KB)

Bays and Inlets forum update Traralgon (PDF - 318.5 KB)

Abalone/Rock Lobster forum update Warrnambool (PDF - 310.6 KB)

Central zone abalone forum update Queenscliff (PDF - 304.3 KB)

Eastern zone abalone forum update Lakes Entrance (PDF - 304.3 KB)

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