Inland Waters Classification

Inland Waters Recreational Fishing Classification

The Inland Waters Recreational Fishing Classification classifies all inland waters in Victoria as trout, native or mixed fisheries.

The Classification

  • Maps the distribution of key angling species
  • Classifies inland waters based on social and economic values, waterway management and biodiversity criteria.
  • Does not change angler access, regulations, bag and size limits or closed seasons
  • Describes current fisheries management arrangements.


Preparing the Classification

An Inland Waters Classification Reference Group assisted Fisheries Victoria in preparing the Classification and included representatives of Native Fish Australia, the Australian Trout Foundation and VRFish. The preparation of the Classification was guided by the Victorian Inland Waters Classification Model 2009 (the Model) which outlined a set of criteria for classification decisions. The Model prescribed the scope of the project and recommended that the Classification not change angler access, fisheries regulations, bag and size limits or closed seasons.

During 2010, a draft Classification was released for public comment. All public submissions received through the process were considered by Inland Waters Classification Reference Group, the Executive Director Fisheries Victoria and the Minister for Agriculture.

The Classification will be an important part of fisheries management in Victoria for the next ten years.

The development of the Classification is in line with Fisheries Victoria's commitment to secure, grow and share potential benefits from Victoria's inland fisheries with the wider community.

A copy of the Classification is available below or from the department Customer Service Centre on 136 186.


The preparation of the Inland Waters Classification would not have been possible without the personal time, voluntary commitment and dedication demonstrated by members of the Inland Waters Classification Working Group.

Fisheries Victoria would like to acknowledge the contributions of the following individuals.

Inland Waters Classification Working Group


Rod Barford
Christopher Collins
Wally Cubbin
Mick Hall
Craig Ingram
Geoff Lacey
Ron Lewis
Robert Loats
Merv McGuire
Pat Sheridan
Nick Thorne

Technical advice

William Trueman


Anthony Plummer.