Policy Statements

Fish stocking for recreational purposes - Policy Statement

The Victorian Fisheries Authority stocks about 1.5 million native and salmonid fish per annum into public waters throughout Victoria for recreational fishing purposes. This policy provides guidance in the setting of priorities for stocking of Victorian waters.

It defines the principles and criteria used by The Victorian Fisheries Authority when prioritising waters in the recreational fish stocking program. Waters must first meet each of the conditions described in the principals. Each water then receives a numeric rating for each of the criteria listed in the policy. The combined total for each water determines its stocking priority.

The policy and table is intended to assist The Victorian Fisheries Authority to respond to changes in environmental conditions such as water quality and quantity, drought and bushfires, altered management practices by water and land managers, and changing stakeholder values and expectations.

The policy statement and priority table have been developed and can be viewed below.

Responding to the impacts of drought and its consequences on inland recreational fisheries - Policy Statement

The Victorian inland recreational fisheries face significant pressures due to ongoing drought conditions. This policy provides guidance for the department in responding to the impacts of prolonged periods of drought such as significantly reduced water quantity, quality and flow.

Water resources have become the major issue across the State after a 10-year run of dry seasons with the last wet period ending September 1996. Victoria is presently experiencing the lowest stream flows in recorded history.

The department stocks some water bodies that are also used to supply town water (potable) and or for general domestic and stock use. There is concern that the increased risk of a fish death due to drought conditions could result in future limitations on stocking and angler access.