Geelong Arm Aquaculture Fisheries Reserves Management Plan

The Minister for Agriculture, Bob Cameron declared the Geelong Arm Aquaculture Fisheries Reserve Management Plan on 15 December 2005 by publication of Notice of Declaration in the Victoria Gazette.

The Management Plan has been developed in accord with Part 3 of the Fisheries Act 1995. Section 28 of the Act requires a management plan be prepared in respect of a fisheries reserve.

The Management Plan has been developed through a steering committee made up of key stakeholder group representatives, and provides management direction for the Bates Point Aquaculture Fisheries Reserve, Clifton Springs Aquaculture Fisheries Reserve, Grassy Point Aquaculture Fisheries Reserve and Kirk Point - Werribee Aquaculture Fisheries Reserve for the next three years. The planning process was overseen by the Fisheries Co-Management Council.

Supporting documentation produced by the department can also be obtained below, or by contacting 136 186.