Ministerial Statement of Expectations

As a Victorian  Government regulator, the VFA is subject to the requirements of the Government’s Statement of Expectations Framework for Regulators (the SOE Framework). The SOE Framework was developed to promote greater efficiency and effectiveness in the administration and enforcement of regulation, and forms part of the Government’s program to reduce red tape.

The SOE Framework requires that all Victorian business regulators have a Statement of Expectations issued by the relevant Minister. The Ministerial Statement of Expectations (the SOE) is a formal and public statement that establishes an agreement between the responsible Minister and their regulators regarding performance expectations to improve regulator outcomes and reduce costs on regulated parties. The regulator’s response to the SOE, by way of letter to the Minister, outlines how the regulator will meet the expectations set out in the SOE.

Ministerial Statement of Expectations 2020 - 2022

Ministerial Statement of Expectations 2018 - 2020