Appendix F - Summary of responses to the survey of charter boat operators

A1 How many days have you operated in Portland during the 2012 Portland SBT season so far? 24.60 19.08
A2 About how many days would you expect to operate in the remainder of the SBT season in Portland? 31.00 20.06
Total number of days operated during the 2012 Portland SBT Season (own calculation: A1+A2) 55.60 31.80
A3 On average how many days per week have you operated during this season? 3.63 1.34
A4 How many days in total did you operate during last year's SBT season? 55.15 40.69
A5 On average how many days per week did you operate during last season? 3.53 1.81
A6 On average how many customers do you take in each fishing trip during the SBT season? 5.89 0.99
Total number of customers per charter boat operator in 2012 (own calculation: A6*(A1+A2)) 323 190.70
A7 How many customers did you have in total over the last year during the SBT season? 318.50 248.33
A8 What are the fees for a fishing trip to join your charter boat? (for a full day) 253.16 34.45
B1 How many recreational fishers are you taking on your fishing trip today 5.40 1.39
B2 Over how many hours? 7.75 1.48
B3 SBT catch and release 2.06 4.93
B3 other fish catch and release 0.17 0.51
B3 SBT catch to keep 5.17 4.95
B3 other fish catch to keep 0.56 1.54
Boat 11,735.71 11,332.77
Other items 3,162.50 3,691.28
C2a Equipment hiring (excluding boat related) 17.50 67.42
C2b Fuel for boat 331.75 145.02
C2c Tackle 71.75 114.12
C2d Bait 0.00 0.00
C2e Fuel for motor vehicle transport 79.00 148.72
C2f Other transport costs (e.g. maintenance) 2.50 11.18
C2g Accommodation 43.00 71.61
C2h Food from restaurants, hotels, clubs, takeaway outlets 61.30 55.29
C2i Food bought at a shop/ supermarket 45.75 50.82
C2j Drinks bought a shop/ supermarket 26.00 43.91
C2k Other 1 20.50 85.27

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