Publications and resources

The following publications are available to provide information about fishing activities, education programs, legislation and current events.

Recreational Fishing Guide

The Victorian Recreational Fishing Guide is a handy resource that outlines all your rights and responsibilities to help you fish sustainably.


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Fishery Status reports

Reports outlining the status of Victoria's fishery resources. Contains details on recent changes in management arrangements, research and compliance activities.

Fisheries status reports 

Protocols for translocation

The Guidelines for the Translocation of Aquatic Organisms in Victoria deals with proposals for the deliberate movement of aquatic organisms into and within inland water bodies of Victoria

Fish Stocking reports

The annual Vic Fish Stock report documents the upcoming years native and salmonid stockings.

Management Plans

Management Plans are created in accordance with the Fisheries Act 1995. Their purpose is to specify policies and strategies for the management of a specific fishery.

Research reports

The department invests in Fisheries research to assist in continually improving management practices and techniques. Specific Research reports can be viewed.


All Fisheries Acts, regulations and notices are available from the Victorian Legislation and Parliamentary documents.

Commonwealth and Victorian agreement

The below documents are agreements signed by the Commonwealth and Victoria in 1997 with respect to the fisheries in waters relevant to Victoria:

Offshore Constitutional Settlement
Memorandum of Understanding