Statewide Angler Diary Program 1997 -2003


We would like to thank the following organisations and persons:

The RFL Fisheries Revenue Allocation Committee for providing the funds (Project No. 12/01/02R) to run the Angler Fishing Diary Program in 2002/03 and to report on the information collected to date;

The Victorian Recreational Fishing Peak Body (VRFISH) for funding the expansion of the Program 1998/99; and Fisheries Victoria for funding support for the program each year since.

The many anglers who contributed to the Program:

Michael Agius, Gordon Ahchow, Marc Ainsworth, Ray Airs, Ross Albiston, John Alsop, Dale Amy, Greame Anderson, Bob Anthony, Norm Armstrong, Nick Atyeo, Jim Bailey, Jodie Baillie, Peter Ball, Lynton Barr, Terry Bastin, Tony Batchelor, Remy Baya, Justin Bell, Keith Bell, Stephen Booth, Andrew Both, Howard Bott, Eric Box, Sean Brodie, Tony Brothers, Ron Bull, Wayne Bull, Rod Burge, Stephen Burton, Kevin Cahill, Micheal Carlsson, Lindsay Carroll, Robert Carruthers, Arthur Carvill, Greg Cheetham, Allan Chisholm, Don Collins, John Coon, Peter Costa, Peter Coulton, David Davies, Paul Davis, Mark Dean, David Debrincat, Daniel Deppeler, Brian Dicker, Robert Dimmack, Danny Divova, Ralph Doddrell, Michael Duke, Mick Dwyer, Kevin Dyson, Ken Edlington, Tim Edwards, Gerald Egan, Adrian Feher, Colin Finkemeyer, Peter Galloway, Chris Garner, Barry Geary, Allan Gee, Mal George, Peter Gifford, Russell Giles, Mike Gleeson, Pat Gleeson, Judy Glen, Ray Goding, Don Goodman, Mal Gough, Keiran Hall, Ralph Hamilton, Frank Harris, John Harrison, Richard Hawkins, Robin and Elaine Herbert, Roy Hetherington, Derek Hichisson, Greg Hicks, Ernie Hill, Brett Hoare, Carl Hodgkins, John Hoffman, Colin Horford, Brendan Howard, Don Howe, Henry Humphrys, Stuart Irvine, Ian Jenkins, Peter Jewell, John Johnstone, Ian Jones, Gary Jude, Michael Kincad, John Kirk, Mike Kirwin, Jon Kollen, Mario Kovacic, Jason Lamb, Jack Lawson, Allan Litt, Robert Loats, Ray Long, Tom MacCormack, Andrew Maguire, Colin Marshall, Russell Martin, R Mason, Bryan Matthews, Ted Maxfield, Michael McBrien, Alistair McGlashan, Graeme Merryful, Gary Middleton, Gerard Miller, Ken Millican, Joe Montalti, John Morgan, B Mullavey, John Murray, Wally Myrwoda, Paul Neaves, David Needham, Barry Norris, Peter Nyikos, Bob O'Connell, Leo Okely, Nick Papadopoulos, Keith Patton, Bob Pearce, Ken Pearson, Gavin Perkins, Craig Perrott, David Pickering, John Pincombe, David Pisani, Chris Polson, Ted Potter, Mark Proctor, Ann Przybysz, Tom Purcell, Ken Radley, Tony Ramunno, Lee Rayner, John Reid, Joseph Restall, Frank Richards, Conway Robinson, Paul Said, Michael Sanders, Gary Scanlan, John Schmidt, Dave Scrase, Tim Sculley, Damon Sherriff, Joe Singe, Graham Siostrom, Bruce Smith, David Smith, Anthony Spiteri, Ian Sprigg, Bob Stapley, Michael Stephens, Russ Stewart, Alexander Stone, Trevor Stow, Ray Stratton, Robert Strong, Kevern Sutton, John Teeuws, John Telford, Brian Thomas, Matthew Urzia, Tony Van Kempen, Imants Vasils, Fergie Ward, Walter Waruszynki, Don Welsford, Doug Whitford, John Whitford, Noel Wickson, Jeff Willey, Kevin Willey, Colin Wilson, Fred Wilson, Matthew Wilson, Ross Winstanley, Lockie Wombell, John Wood, Russell Wright and David Young,Robyn Cameron-Smith undertook the telephone contact component of the project and her efforts are greatly appreciated. The many hours of data entry cheerfully undertaken by Pam Oliveiro is also greatly appreciated. We would like to thank Masaaki Machida who constructed and maintained the databases. David McKeown, Ian Duckworth, Mike Kirwin and Sean Brodie have also been important contributors to the day to day running of the Program over the years. Sandy Morison and Noel Coleman reviewed this report and provided many helpful comments.

Finally, we would like to acknowledge Dr Murray MacDonald and John Kirk who showed that good anglers can do a lot more than just catch fish, which was the inspiration for this program.


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