Snobs Creek annual report now available

21 December 2018

The Snobs Creek Advisory Board has published the hatchery’s annual report that documents where funds have
been spent in the 2017-18 financial year and the big wins including record stockings of trout and native fish.

The Snobs Creek hatchery is a government-owned facility, managed by the Victorian Fisheries Authority, that
has been producing trout, salmon and native fish for stocking into Victorian waters for over 70 years.

Funds from the government’s Target One Million plan for recreational fishing and anglers’ recreational fishing
licence fees support the operations of the hatchery.

VFA CEO Mr Dowling said the Advisory Board was established to oversee the investment of funds to ensure
transparency and that the hatchery delivers on its strategic priorities.

“The Snobs Creek 2017-18 annual report gives me every confidence the hatchery is delivering freshwater
anglers real value for their licence fees and will continue to do so for years to come,” Mr Dowling said.

“With Snobs Creek now at capacity, we are excited about the government’s commitment to build a new native
fish hatchery near Shepparton that will allow us to increase stocking to 10 million fish by 2022.”

Chairman of the Snobs Creek Advisory Board David Kramer said that during the 2017-18 season Snobs Creek
delivered record numbers of fish that were stocked across the state.

“The Snobs Creek team stocked 1,203,019 trout and salmon in 2017-18 season, which is 210,619 more than
the proposed stocking target,” Mr Kramer said.

“A massive 4,883,336 native fish were also stocked, which is 802,336 more than the proposed target.”

Mr Kramer said 214 waterways were stocked during the 2017-18 season and a further 140 potential new
stocking locations are in the process of being reviewed.

Funds were also used for new hatchery infrastructure.

“We invested in two new plankton ponds for native fish and a new cover structure in the trout and salmon
production area to help bolster production and keep up with demand.

“We also upgraded electrical switchboards and replaced old water diversion gates with new ones to ensure
the hatchery site remains productive, safe and efficient now and into the future.

“Full credit goes to the team of dedicated staff, and to the volunteers, who’ve helped grow and stock the fish
that provide enjoyment for thousands of Victorians and visitors to our great state.”

To read the Snobs Creek annual report 2017-18, visit: